Garter belt, leg to the knee caged in front. Fashion and trend.


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Braided garter belt made of synthetic leather and adjustable to your sensual body.          Feel more sexy and combine it with different fashion styles.  We want the pleasure of all our clients, that is why we seek excellence in all our products. 

Shipping: Our suppliers are all from China and Japan. Some have different warehouses in Europe, the UK, Russia and the USA, so shipments can vary from 5 to 30 days depending on which warehouse the order is shipped from. Some already give you the option to choose where you want the shipment from. In any case, shipping is free, if you had to pay something in customs that would be at your expense.         

Braided Suspender Belt For Women

Are you someone, who is curious to shop for materials that elevate your mood and improve sexual pleasure? Sexboom brings you braided suspender belts for women to enhance their erotic desires in a blissful manner. We let you shop for braided suspender belt for women at affordable prices. With woven lace and floral patterns, these belts are designed to uplift your mood in bed and make every moment count in your bed. With stretchable bands, the suspender belt offers flexibility and comfort.

We have a wide range of suspender belts that you can purchase according to your mood and comfort. Our collection of the braided suspender is unique and provides extreme comfort in bed. All the products are designed to suit your preferences and provide extreme comfort. You will surely feel great satisfaction and enhanced shopping experience when you buy it from our website. We always keep updating our catalog to make sure you will always get new pieces and enjoy the moments of togetherness.